About Us

At WealthPlanners, Inc., our commitment is to provide unbiased advice, impeccable service, and fully diversified financial resources to serve your total financial planning needs.

With over 30 years of experience at both Wall St. wire house and independent firms, we have a tremendous amount of experience. We are firm believers that the experience you get “in the trenches” is far different than what you study in books. We are in very challenging and unique times. We believe you need experienced, street smart, cutting edge advisors to navigate the new, ever changing world we live in today.

Our comprehensive planning structure has identified the following steps as an integral part of a successful client/advisor relationship.

Financial Planning Process

Initial Evaluation-The driving force behind the financial plan

During the initial meeting we will become familiar with your family and extended family. We will explore your needs, visions, and family’s circumstances. We will pay attention to any special needs.

We will collect financial information such as your assets, liabilities, inheritances, insurance policies, tax documents, net worth information and your current estate planning documents.

We will review your current investment performance, mix, and risk. We will provide an asset allocation analysis.

We will identify your goals, objectives, and the time period you have allotted to achieve them. We structure our recommendations based on your financial objectives such as:

  • Investment planning
  • Tax planning
  • Risk tolerance
  • Cash flow planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Long term care and nursing home planning
  • College funding
  • Charitable giving
  • Portfolio asset allocation
  • A second opinion on your current investments or plan

Your goals may be as simple as accumulating as much wealth as you can… to wanting to retire at age 60 with a second home in Aspen and a yacht in Hawaii. Whatever your goals are, it’s our mission to set you on a path to achieving those goals.

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Strategic Planning-The foundation to build wealth from

After a thorough review of your family situation, financial resources, and life’s goals we prepare a comprehensive financial plan to use as a road map to guide us to your goals.

Your individual planning will center on your investments, risk planning, tax planning, and diversification. Built into this foundation will be performance measures, liquidity access, income needs, business succession, estate planning, wealth transfer, and charitable giving.

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Ongoing Monitoring-Individualized asset management solutions

Many advisors make the financial plan the highlight of their services. At WealthPlanners, Inc. our experience has taught us that a financial plan is integral in helping to reach your goals. However, we have also learned that before the ink is dry on a plan, life circumstances often change that plan.

A great deal on a boat, a child needing to borrow some money, a cutback at your job, health issues; are all examples of events that can suddenly arise out of nowhere to alter your financial landscape. We pride ourselves in preparing for the unexpected. Therefore we put an enormous emphasis on life planning and versatile asset classes that match up to your ever changing life goals.

To accomplish this we measure your investment performance on a regular basis. We provide quarterly or monthly statements depending on the asset class. We schedule quarterly phone contact with our clients and annual reviews to keep up with market changes and family needs. We respond to any calls received from our clients in a prompt and informative fashion. So whenever your financial plan needs changing, we are there to get it changed.

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Your financial well being is a huge responsibility that we embrace and take seriously.

  • You the client ALWAYS come first.
  • You receive personal, one on one service.
  • We endeavor to have all phone calls answered by a live person rather than an automated system.
  • We provide prompt responses to all inquiries.
  • We provide 24/7 access online to your account

At WealthPlanners, Inc. we strive to earn your trust and referrals through planning based on your goals and providing superior client service.

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Securities and advisory services offered through Union Capital Company, member FINRA/SIPC and a Registered Investment Advisor. Union Capital Company and WealthPlanners, Inc. are separate companies.